Take control of your personal assistance – frequently asked questions

Taking control of your personal assistance yourself may feel alien to some, while others may experience that it provides more security, better balance in the economy and a greater influence on everyday life. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about self-directed assistance.

What is self-directed personal assistance?

Self-directed assistance means that instead of going to a regular personal assistance company, you decide on your assistance yourself. This means that you take over control of how your assistance should work. You decide on the work to get the assistance exactly as you want it. Read more about the practical differences between assistance companies and self-directed assistance here!

Why self-directed assistance?

Hiring an assistance company to manage the assistance means that you have to adapt to their business. It may work for some, while others feel they are not willing to compromise that way. Then you can instead take control and dismiss the middlemen who today make the decisions. Under your own auspices, you become the employer yourself, which means that no one else is in charge of your assistance and your workplace, which is also your home. It is also you who decide on the salaries of your assistants and that you have enough overheads for a good working environment. You also have full visibility over your budget and finances, where you see where every penny goes.

What are the challenges?

A challenge with running self-directed assistance on your own can be keeping track of all the laws and regulations, especially when it comes to accounting, payroll and jurisprudence. . You can choose to get help with these parts and thus not have to deal with administration, accounting, payroll and recruiting assistants. Then it will also be easier for you to avoid common mistakes that can be made while reporting and accounting.

Who is suitable for self-directed assistance?

Running assistance on your own is suitable for you who feel that you are already doing a lot yourself in your assistance. It may be that you have a supervisor responsibility, have control over the scheduling, who works and when. After all, it is you and your assistants who are at the workplace every day, not the assistance company. You may also feel that there are too many unnecessary procedures and long decision-making processes at your assistance company, which do not suit you. You simply have better control of your assistance than your assistance company.

What are the financial benefits?

When it comes to finances, many people believe that it is safer to hire an assistance company than to run your personal assistance yourself, but it is rather the opposite. Some assistance companies, for example, pay pension insurance for their employees, others do not. Some have broad insurance coverage, others do not. But when you run assistance under your own auspices, you have full control over the finances and can ensure that your employees receive high salaries and the benefits they should have. You also pay an often-high administrative fee to your assistance company, completely unnecessarily. It is money that could instead have gone to higher salaries for your assistants or more to your overheads With self-directed assistance at Alberum, you receive a financial report every month where you see where the money has gone so that you always have a good overview of your assistance finances. You get a balanced economy, which you always have the opportunity to influence, without any assistance company getting involved.

Is it true that self-directed assistance is complicated?

That it is complicated to run assistance on your own is a common myth. The truth is, on the contrary, it can be very simple. Many feel that it is rather difficult to have to adapt to an assistance company and their routines. Therefore, they choose to free up time and avoid a lot of frustration by running their assistance in-house. Today, it is also easier than ever to take over your assistance yourself. Thanks to digital tools and practical support, you can make sure to leave the complicated tasks behind. This allows you to concentrate on your assistance, for example by giving your employees a higher salary and better conditions than they previously had. Read more about 5 myths about running assistance on your own here.

How do I get started?

When you want to get started with assistance on your own, there are a number of important things to keep track of. There are several authorities involved and many forms to fill in correctly and send in at the right time. This can be one of the reasons why you hesitate to even begin with self-directed assistance – you feel that you don’t have a clue and don’t want to make mistakes. But you can get help with all these parts from us at Alberum. We keep an eye on and manage the entire start-up process for you. Then you have taken your first steps towards running assistance on your own with much greater self-determination.

What is meant by self-determination?

When you run assistance on your own, you completely decide on your assistance yourself. There is no company or organiser who decides that you should fit into their format or their templates. This may feel strange, it is therefore important to have a good collaboration partner like Alberum, who can guide you and inform you about what applies, what you can and cannot do, so that you get the very best out of your assistance, without the restrictions of an assistance company

How much can I get help with?

Even if you run your assistance yourself, that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. On the contrary! You decide, but you can easily get help with the administrative work. It can be everything from salaries, timesheets, recruitment, taxes and fees and legal matters. In this way, you getprofessional support, advice and guidancesthat helps you in your own direction and makes it safe and hassle-free!

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