Self-directed assistance

Organizing your own assistance may sound strange, but we see it as the natural choice when choosing a service provider. We are convinced that you know best how your assistance should be carried out. With self-directed assistance, you can say that you are your own assistant manager. You have full control, self-determination over all parts of the assistance and 100% transparency in the finances. Completely independent of any assistance company.

You can leave all the paperwork to us at Alberum.


At many assistance companies, the Client’s co-determination is claimed to the extreme. And the truth lies precisely in the word – co-determination. Not self-determining. Because no matter how we twist and turn it, it is the assistance company that is the employer. It is the assistance company that determines and decides. It is the assistance company that sets requirements, guidelines and internal policies. For your assistance. We don’t think it should be that way. Only you can decide over your assistance. No other.

When you run your assistance under your own auspices, you therefore get full control over your assistance situation and at the same time professional support, advice and guidance from us at Alberum. We think it’s a perfect combination!


Different assistance companies have different agreements. Some have collective agreements, others do not. Some save for retirement and have insurance, others don’t. It’s not easy to know as a Client and assistant, and besides, it’s not something you get to choose yourself. Under your own auspices, it is you and your group who determine and decide on these matters.

We at Alberum have developed a market-leading pension and insurance package that we recommend to our Clients. In addition to being cost-effective, it provides broad insurance coverage for your assistants. Everything to make it a safe and serious workplace.

Better economy

When you run your own assistance under your own auspices, you do not have an assistance company as an intermediary between you and the assistance compensation. Assistance companies have their costs and employees who require an administration, to which part of your assistance compensation goes. On your own, you avoid the middleman and can thus get more out of the assistance compensation, so that the money goes to what it should – namely your assistance and your assistants’ salaries. As a result, you are guaranteed a higher salary for your assistants and more money for overheads.

With support from us at Alberum, you will also have 100% control over your finances, how much money and hours you have used and saved. In this way, you can easily get an overview and plan your expenses, trips and activities. Every month you will receive a compiled report on how your assistance finances look.