Self-directed assistance – that’s how it works

For those of you who are thinking of running assistance on your own, it may be good to start by seeing how it works and whether it is something that could suit you. If you are a person who likes to have full control over your everyday life and your finances, it could be a good option for you! In this article, we will go through how self-directed assistance works and how you can take the first steps.

Become your own assistant manager

Running assistance on your own actually means that you take over control of your assistance and become your own assistance provider. You therefore do not have an assistance company, but make your own decisions according to how they best suit your particular needs. This means more freedom and control over who you hire and that you can decide on salary, benefits, budget and other things that concern your employees.

Why Self directed assistance?

By running assistance under your own auspices, you get full control and decision-making rights. You avoid intermediaries and others who make decisions for you, you don’t have to compromise and adapt to others, and you get it exactly the way you want it. If you have an assistance company, your co-determination is limited, but as your own employer you work according to your own requirements, guidelines and policies.

It may seem safer to hire an assistance company, but often it can be just the opposite. The security you get when you can decide on your employees yourself – instead of relying on someone else’s contracts, insurances and good will – can be even greater. When you run assistance under your own auspices, you can also ensure that you have pension provisions, security agreements and insurances that provide security in everyday life. Alberum also provides you who run your own assistance with additional help with safe pension and insurance packages that ensure you receive cost-effective protection – something that makes it easy for you to offer a safe workplace for your assistants.

Having your own direction

Running your assistance on your own isn’t really that difficult, but it’s important to keep an eye on laws and regulations. You quickly discover that you get more freedom and flexibility in your everyday life. When you set up your days and your work yourself, you can also completely decide who you want to collaborate with. You get time to focus on what you want, and you can plan, hire and organize your business so that it is the way you want it to be. You control the assistance entirely according to your needs, no one else’s, which ultimately makes it easier to create the life you aspire to.

Running assistance on your own also gives you a full overview of your finances. You avoid intermediaries and decide for yourself how you want to administer and distribute the assistance compensation. You always know where the money is going and can usually give your assistants a higher salary than if you joined an assistance company, and set aside for the overheads you choose. Owning your own business simply gives you a completely different balance in your everyday life and your finances.

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The difference between own management and assistance company

The biggest difference between running assistance on your own and hiring an assistance company is that the assistance companies give you limited insight and control regarding both finances and the decisions that are made. You are the one who buys a service and you never really know how the collaboration will work. On the other hand, under your own management, you have full control over everything related to your assistance, from who you want to hire, to finances and decisions. If you choose an assistance company, you also usually have to try a few different ones before you hopefully find one that you think works well, something that can be both time- and energy-consuming. When you run assistance on your own, you instead get full control over the decisions and can make sure that you cooperate with the people who understand how you want it.

Challenges with assistance in-house

As with everything else, there are challenges with running assistance on your own. For some, it may seem difficult and complicated and they hesitate to even try it as an alternative. Not having an assistance company behind you can seem scary and even lonely. In that situation, Alberum can help. With us, you get help with the administrative work, and we always give you someone to brainstorm ideas with regarding your own direction.

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Administrative support

Even though you run assistance on your own, this does not mean that you need to handle everything yourself. Since you can get help with financial, administrative and legal work from us, managing the assistance yourself is no more complicated than hiring an assistance company. You enable your own self-determination and run your assistance, but hand over the paperwork. When you take help from Alberum, you don’t have to spend time on extensive reports, and you get the help and support you need when it comes to accounting, payroll and recruitment. You also always have someone to contact when you need advice on how to run your own company in the best way.

We at Alberum also keep track of the laws and regulations that apply to you and your business, a job that can be both extensive and complicated. If you yourself are not up to date on labor law rules and regulations, Alberum can also help you with that. We facilitate your assistance by adding the knowledge that complements you to run your company in a safe and stable way. In short, we make sure you have all the skills you need to run assistance on your own.

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