5 myths about self-directed assistance

There are many myths about running assistance on your own, for example that it is complicated and a lot of responsibility, when it is actually the opposite. It can be incredibly empowering and safe to run assistance on your own. Here are five myths and five explanations of what really applies.

Why are myths dangerous?

Myths prevent us from taking the step to dare, usually to something better. This means that we do not always make the decisions that are best for us but based on anxiety and fear. Running assistance on your own can, for example, sound complicated or difficult, even if this is not the case. By looking more closely at the myths, we can make them burst like trolls in the sunshine and become more courageous in our everyday lives.

Myth 1: Running assistance on your own means more responsibility

One of the most common myths about self-help is that you can be given far too much responsibility. We would like to say that while it is true that you take control, you also get greater security. All responsibility is not yours; you are only responsible for yourself. However, you get another big advantage – influence! When you use an assistance company, you often have little or no influence over the company at all. You have very limited visibility regarding the owner, staff, other customers, finances and how they run the business, despite the fact that it affects you as a customer to the greatest extent. But by running assistance under your own auspices, you get safer assistance that is tailored by you, for you. You have one hundred percent insight and control over everything from the distribution of finances to planning, and can control it the way you want.

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Myth 2: Self-directed assistance is complicated

Another common myth about running assistance on your own is that it is complicated. Here we kindly but firmly want to kill the myth with the answer: Absolutely not! Running assistance on your own may sound new to many, but it has existed ever since the law on LSS came into being. The big difference is that you now get help with all the complicated and administrative stuff right from the start. This means that you are guaranteed to have a hassle-free experience from start to finish. You get support from us at Alberum in the meantime, with everything from the administrative to the practical and you always have someone to play with and to help you make the necessary decisions. In addition, we are responsible for tax issues, salary issues, pensions, insurances and much more that makes it easier for you as your own employer.

Myth 3: There will be more work with self-directed assistance

Running assistance on your own may sound like you get more work, which is completely understandable that you would prefer to avoid. Fortunately, that myth is not true either. Self-directed assistance does not give you more work, but on the contrary can make you avoid several of the steps you are now forced to perform every day. When you yourself are the employer of your assistants, there is no other company that decides what you should and shouldn’t do, who you need approval or permission from. You avoid their sometimes complicated policies and systems, and set up the working day and your assistance yourself. And since you get help from us at Alberum with all the administrative stuff, you can instead have more time for your assistance and everyday life. It gives a great freedom and self-determination over your time.

Myth 4: It is safer to continue on as usual

It is clear that it may feel safer to continue with an assistance company that you have worked with for a long time, than to start your own company. Here, too, it is easy to be deceived by the myth. There is no greater security than being completely independent of other assistance companies and others who decide over you and your assistance. When you run assistance on your own, there is no one who has more influence or can decide over you, your assistance or your assistants than you. You are the one who decides and has 100 percent control, just the way it should be.

Myth 5: Assistance companies offer better conditions than self-directed assistance

When you run assistance under your own auspices, it is you who decide which solution you want for your employees. Therefore, the myth that the conditions would be better with an assistance company is also not true. When you run assistance on your own, you have control over the conditions and can make sure that it is the way you think it should be. Here, too, you get support and help from us with the overall and administrative aspects. By cooperating with Sweden’s largest pension and insurance company, which includes over four million employees in Sweden, you get access to their terms and conditions. In many cases, it can improve conditions for both you and your employees. For example, it is important that assistants have good insurance that covers the time both when you are at home and when you are out or on the move. You get support and help with all of that, so you can feel confident that you can take care of both you and your staff in the right way. Support that allows you to take the step to skip the myths and dare to experience the difference as your own employer.

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