Why Choose Alberum?

We are here for you who want to run your own assistance, but feel unsure about all the laws, regulations and administrative matters.

For you who run your own assistance, it is especially important to have a competent and experienced partner. We at Alberum have worked with personal assistance since 2009. We have extensive experience in personal assistance and in-depth knowledge of everything that is needed for you to be able to conduct your assistance safely and smoothly on your own.

We at Alberum work based on an entirety-concept This means that our mission includes taking overall responsibility for your assistance under our own auspices In this way, you can feel safe that you won’t accidentally miss anything or make a mistake. We work proactively to provide you with the smoothest and most accurate administration possible.

This is self-directed assistance

Personal assistance is not about co-determination. Personal assistance is about self-determination.

To be able to run your own assistance and decide for yourself how it should be carried out. Just as personal assistance was intended from the beginning. Our mission at Alberum is to make it possible for you as a Client to run your own assistance – a safer form of personal assistance.

As your own self-directed organiser, you avoid interference from assistance companies and someone else who decides over your assistance and your finances.

Do like hundreds of others – run your own assistance with us and experience the difference yourself.

Advantages of self-directed assistance

Everyone should be able to decide what assistance they need based on their own circumstances.

You run your own assistance, completely independent of other assistance companies, owners and Clients.

Without an assistance company as an intermediary, you get better wages and overheads.

Why choose Alberum?

Every employee at Alberum has worked in the assistance industry in several ways since 2009.

We at Alberum have worked in the assistance industry in several different ways since 2009,

during which, we have been able to follow developments closely, with all the tightened rules and requirements that have been introduced over the years. We also have a collective, solid experience in law, accounting, payroll and administration – the parts that are important to be managed correctly in order to be able to run your self-directed assistance.

That’s why we now want to make it possible for you who want to run your own assistance, but maybe don’t dare because of these burdensome parts


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