About Us

We are here for you who want to run your own assistance, but feel unsure about all the laws, regulations and administrative matters.

About Us

We are here for you who want to run your assistance on your own,
but feel unsure about all the laws, regulations and the administrative.

We at Alberum

Our Vision

Our vision at Alberum is to restore the basic intention of LSS – specifically self-determination. Ultimately, it is you who has assistance and who should be able to run your own assistance and decide fully how it should work. We want to facilitate and enable this.

From the beginning, when the law on assistance was added, it was much simpler than it is today. The industry has developed with such extensive laws and regulations that today it is basically impossible for the individual to run their own assistance in a qualitative way. The big challenge of being able to run assistance on your own is that you have to be aware of all the laws and regulations, including accounting, payroll and jurisprudence, just to name a few. It is among these areas that you must have knowledge in order to be able to conduct self-directed assistance.

This is what we can do for you

Each person is unique in their own assistance. Joining an assistance company means in practice that you have to adapt to fit into their format. For some it might work, for others you might be willing to compromise and adapt. We at Alberum, on the other hand, want to give everyone the chance to not have to adapt in the execution of their own assistance – simply, to avoid having someone else decide over you.

Our offer is simple – you get full control over your assistance. We take care of all the administrative and complicated matters. You are your own assistance manager, deciding on your assistance and avoiding having an assistance company that has influence over you.